Casters, 'kay?

alternatively: legos as a vehicle for exploring new worlds and discovering true beauty, or in most cases something short of that

k guys check out the casters on yvonne doyle's "MOC". one might say, "NPU" specialy with the ray guns.

Saturday at the hair salon
good lego moc creationss can take u somewhere, soemtimes a somewhere you've never been 2, in my case a hair salon (i have never been to a hair salon). legos have the power to imagine hole universities after all. yvonne's moc is such a moc, it has a very level of detail. very "real life-like" right down to the garish orange skin tones of the minifigs that are probably fake tans as to compinsate for lacking melanin. 1 sees alot of this kind of "beauty" in high school which is were i go tho i can not say i have a taste for it!!!

dear readers, how r ppl beautiful? is beautiful set by standards on magazine covers and tv?? or is beautiful somthing present in and to b looked 4 and found in ppl regardless of accesoriezation???

is beatuiful "boobies"?! some boys **think** so!! but r they correct???

dear readers, leave a comment saying ur ideas of beautfiul, ur "opinions" are "valued"!!!

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