The summer semester is for loud, smacking collegiate sex

LEGO in the dorm room while 412B's fuck moans still permeate the walls, further shattering our hope that sex is just an elaborate lie.

31014 (x2) custom

Limitations are truly a great way to flex creative muscles. I built this truck exclusively from the parts of two sets of 31014. I was drawn to these new wheel molds:

It's a slick looking part. As I'm accustomed to older molds it didn't quite register as a LEGO product. Not really digging the pretend metallic finish. I appreciate variety in the part library, though. The diameter of the assembled wheel and tire is new to me. It is just greater than two studs, so the smallest full-stud difference between the axles is three.

31014 (x2) custom

During the winter recess, I built this building using only parts I was able to cram into the smaller Pick a Brick cup size off the wall at the Rockefeller Center store. There's a dare. Get to a LEGO store, pack a PaB cup as best you can, make something independent of parts from other sources.


Tonight I had dinner with Lukas, fellow hobbyist and former Young Spacer, at a ramen noodle joint in Downtown Brooklyn. New York is a cool place and I'm glad it attracts cool people, like Lukas. We discussed LEGO and what we've gained socially through the fan community during our teenage years.

Social ties in our hobby usually originate online, on forums, in the past decade more via the yahoo company's flickr service. Dedicated LEGO conventions offer an opportunity to physically meet fellow hobbyists and find out just how strange the people behind the screen names are in real life. (Matty.) I've found it kind of remarkable and I could probably discuss it in length. I think I will, another time.

Speaking of conventions, both Lukas and I were absent from this year's Brickworld Chicago event, which took place this weekend. As were a number of our close LEGO friends, like these guys. And Matty. In the past Camp Twee has been one of Brickworld's most eminent attractions, at least to us. I am certain this year's convention was lesser for our absence. Amidst undeserved orange flags, baseplates of arrayed castle mini figures, and the life size Halo brickarms, nowhere could be found our brand of cynicism and whimsy.

yeah basically no one cool was at Brickworld '14. Unless you count these darlings:

peace bros

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