its impossible, but its also right in front of us.

Our relation to Stars War MOCS has always been strained. We like the Stars War, we've read the books, and the vehicles are iconic. But seeing 100 builders build 100 X-Wings is exhausting. Almost as exhausting as saying to the nth public-conventioneer that no, this hot air ballon is not a Star War.

GRID WARS: IV Contest Trophies 
But hey what if we mash it up with TRON???
So yea there was this contest and the most successful entries didn't just color a Star Wars ship black and glow, they fired up the digitizer and did some mashing.

Malware Executable File (Imperial TIE Interceptor) GRID WARS: Malware delete program (Imperial TIE Bomber) 
Shannon Sproule jumped in early with a nearly unrecognizable Nebulon B Frigate, but recovered with TIEs Intercepter and Bomber, above. The Intercepter could be pulled straight from the opening shots of the Grid in TRON:Legacy, floating through the data clouds. It's worth noting that exposed stud-bottoms is a bold and confident choice these days.

Jeff Cross's Gridrunner combines the elder Flynn's upgraded lightcycle and a Sandcrawler, showing that TRON is more than glowing blue & orange.
Naboo N-1 Grid Fighter.exe 
Then we take it all back because if you choose the right ship and right amount of glow, it works.

A Passenger

Until today, the only two lego sets bought by us in the past 7 years were two ideas set (Tron and Delorean, obvi). We are very supportive of that line, but had worried for some time that, much like the MOCS that get the most attention at cons, the most popular submissions would always be branded content.
LEGO Earth: Globe & Map 2-in-1

Thus we want to throw our full support behind this brilliant globe by flickr user "JD" It's a rounding technique we haven't seen before, inspired by the dymaxion map.

The full set of photos and videos on the LEGO Ideas submission shows the thought but into making the design buildable and understandable. LEGO's work has been done for them.

What Even Is LEGO

Cole Blaq meets Shobrick - Neo Tokyo pt.2

Upon seeing the above photo, our first thought was that we aren't sure what laygoes are anymore. How are those figs posed? Are there new parts we don't know about? Where does the LEGO end and the photoshop begin?

Then, we said "wait, who is Cole Bloq? Is he the one with the LEGO things?" which when said aloud, like we did, without context, is absolutely absurd. But in fact we meant this series of upsized bricks, so we were right.

We have either chilled out or wizened up, because we are seeing art (perhaps even Art) everywhere. This is what we'd been looking for.

Foundation BitStellar ConstellationSchroedinger's CatOuter SpaceCutting Edge [edit-3]Knock Bank

In architecture we talk about rigor. Cole Bloq has rigor.

Akroterian or Bust

For your viewing pleasure here is, in the creator's own words, "some architecture."

Some Architecture

We are very curious if this is based on an existing building. One of the challenges in LEGO architecture is that there are surely a lot of interesting "details" you can create with oddball parts, but how many represent features of actual architecture?

Some of the bits here read more as "hey who would have thought you could put these pieces together like this" than "here is an unexpected arrangement of parts that mimic a [rosette/metope/abacus]" but the exception we take over it is very small, because yes, those are some neat ways to arrange parts.


Well, here's a 7-stud wide train model of an Italian locomotive, and it's built with dark tan parts, and against better photography doctrine the builder has included a pink doily-patterned planter behind it. Yeah, it probably belongs on this LEGOs blog.

Aggressive, Ironic, and Trollish

Ahura Mazda

Space Glove claims that they were inspired by Zoroastrian symbolism, but we know what's up.

Convention Conventions

We sit here with one half-finished MOC, three weeks after emerging from the neo-dark-ages, with two questions. One, should we go to BricksLA 2019 in January? And two, has the Cafe-Cornerization of town reached peak transit?
Mike's Bikes & The Ice Cream Parlour
Tobias T's display has varied setbacks, closely matching floor-to-floor heights, 
and an appropriate level of detail.

We are struck with the lasting power of the Cafe-Corner scale. We lamented its ubiquity in the before-times, but we see now that Town is stronger than ever due to the frequent release of precedent-setting sets over the last 11 years.

Brick Knight's buildings use a bunch of parts we don't recognize. 
The past few years have been kind to townies.

More that Moonbase, more than whatever this was, the simplicity of the Market Street Module seems to allow a wide variety of buildings to appear coherent, even tasteful.

Streets of Kesarel
Take a time warp to the Interwar Period. It's not Town, it's Ye Olde Towne

What has been the largest single display of Modules? Who is the best at it, the Modular Man?
Probably our favorite of the bunch. We clearly have no choice 
but to pony up the cheddar cheese for a Disney Castle. Forget 
LUGs, let's form a Gild Guild.

Sun 'n' Surf
We are a sucker for soft pastels.

We've missed the simplicity, timelessness, and joy of this hobby. Connecting pieces and in so doing, connecting with people.