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As we can thank the nascent AIs over at Instagram for steering me back into the fold, dear readers, today we scroll thru our insta "saves" to find this:

No. 12 Grimmauld Place - Video

If the video doesn't work, try here. This ain't all gimmick, either: the front stoops and the balcony doors of the tan townhomes are superb. And yes, that's Kreacher

Should we rewatch Wizard People Dear Readers in order to refresh our blatantly copied prose

Glamour is Back

We like this building a lot but don't have much to say about it.

More pics are on Brickshelf, which is, in fact, still a thing. Do check out the inspiration as well, the resemblance is well done.


What to make of a thing like the Palace in Wonderland?

Palace In Wonderland 
We vacillate between thinking it is a cluttered mess and something quite beautiful. The factory landscape adheres to strict rules, while the palace lavishly uses a dozen colors before breakfast. Too much, or just right?

It depends upon it being judged as a MOC or as art. If art, what does it say? The creator chooses to use fleshtone figs, but then makes every single one white. Fashion spans every era, but never poor. The minifigs are resplendent while the workers are miniscule and unseen. Is this a celebration or a critique? Well, the author rather ruins the fun by explaining everything in a lengthly monologue below each pic. If the piece cannot speak for itself, perhaps that says it all.

(We do like this one perspective, where all the madness start to make sense. There's some color-blocking hidden here after all.)

Ghost Palm of the Voiceless Dragon

While not quite the beautiful tear-jerker The LEGO Movie was, the LEGO Ninjago Movie (gah that's really the title) has resulted in what has to be the most consistently high-quality group of LEGO sets in a long time. Mechs, ships, creatures (that maybe are also mechs) and even a bonkers piece of architecture.

Ninjago City: Pagoda Park
Galektek has made another piece of architecture in that style. We like the delicate sand-green elements, the details of the flower shop, and that the submarine has eyelids.

BrickCon 2018 
Brickcon was this past weekend, and we are starting to see photos trickle in.  Here is a Mortal Engines - Ninjago crossover. We don't have high hopes for that movie, and this particular mortal engine is more in the "build a big thing from a movie" convention convention than what we might normally blag, but if this signals the start of a bevy of eclectic tank-cities, we're on board.

Spotlight: Arches

Maybe we should have saved that Louis Kahn "bricks want to be arches" quote for today.

"Advocate" Hovercar "BIRB" Speeder
Tammo S has shared two fun little speeders, both using arches to frame round elements. For a moment we were mad at the rear of the white one, where a white arch could have been used to capture the dome.

Melancholy Emperor
But then we see that on their SHIP, this technique is used on the diagonal. It looks like the math doesn't quite work out (there's a small gap in the center) but this has a lot of promise.

Related, we are pleased to announce that the LEGO Techniques flickr group is once again accepting new pics.

Spotlight: Pearl Gold

We've been thinking about making a purchase of a LEGO set, trying to choose one that will deliver as many new pieces as possible, to push our MOCs into the modern era. Current top picks are the Voltron mech (expensive) or the Disney Castle (so expensive). We browsed through 5 years of castle mocs; it is clear that the Disney Castle is a must-have if we ever decide to build castle again. What are other must-have sets?

Mountaintop ShrineBeauty and the Beast Library1 by Sarah von InnerebnerArabian Nights

 We found this post title as a draft in blogger from 2011. We don't know what pearl gold we intended to feature at that time.

Our Princess is in another Castle

Hey this Bowsette is cool.

This link explains what Bowsette is. Will we see lots of Bowsettes this Halloween?

The Thoughtful Making of Space

To attempt a similar retrospective of 5 years of Space would be foolish, so we did.

Kingfisher Assult UnitKulicidae SHIPAtaraxisSHIPtember 2017 / AC 240 BRUTUSParakeet | ECM CruiserS.S. Helios
There were a lot. Many were cool. A few were innovative. But in the end, we determined that there were only four we actually had something about which to say.

Hades Starfighter
The Hades Starfighter (2013) stands out for allowing the pieces to create the form. Too often, we see pieces forced to approximate some shape in the builder's head, rather than puzzling out what the pieces want.
You say to a brick, 'What do you want, brick?' And brick says to you, 'I like an arch.' And you say to brick, 'Look, I want one, too, but arches are expensive and I can use a concrete lintel.' And then you say: 'What do you think of that, brick?' Brick says: 'I like an arch.'"                   - Louis Kahn, quoted in The Brick Whisperer
Yes, we are saying that cement-mixer-halves cry out "I want to be a nacelle."

The Turquoise Lord 
The Xiuhtecuhtli (2014) has otherworldly beauty while still decidedly being a spaceship. We saw many ships that attempted to be alien but instead were just oceanic. Instead, this Aztec god is inhuman but still technological.

Serrated Night 3V
The Serrated Night (2016) is the stand-out of the nearly ten thousand Vic Viper and/or R-type spacefighters built in the last half decade. How y'all haven't tired of that shape is beyond us, but we appreciate this one for minding the gap and the neat trick of the tapered paint stripe on the front flank.

Munsin Class Escort Frigate
We like the Munsin Frigate (2018) for the innards that aren't tacked-on greebles, but instead appear to be the actual workings and structure of the ship. Speaking of minding the gap, however, we cannot stand the gaps around the black paint stripe. The same gaps look great as vents, but when they show up haphazardly, we begin to wonder if the vent-gaps were even intentional. Turn this frown upside down with some half-plate offsets, why don't you?