Brickfair Finds: Misc & Sundry

Brickfair! Are you already tired of hearing about it? Do not fear, these are last bits.

Arthur Gugick was mentioned before, but now BS user Scrope has a whole folder for microscale, most of which are Gugick landmarks.

"Brickistan" was much talked about in the immediate aftermath of the convention, with many remarking on how "detailed" it was. Alas, it may have details, but they aren't very interesting ones.

This model was made by a blind man without hands, in the dark. If you say the model's name (which we dare not repeat here) in front of a mirror 3 times at midnight, terrible, ghastly horrors will torment you for 7 years and a day.

More pictures of the Alpine Village have surfaced, also thanks to Scrope. Note the grille bricks used as shutters; very clever. If they were offset a half-plate or so, they'd be fantastic. To the right, a kind soul has taken a construction picture. How to deal with the ugly stepped underside of slope-brick roofs is an oft-mentioned dilemma, here is one solution.

Finally, a quick mention of "Faded Giant in the Shadow of the Torii Gate, a MOC Harvest" the dio (with a name wordier than a twee affect post) built by DanR and Kappy, or 3LUG (possible pronunciations: three lug, nuts lug, balls lug, testicle-ug. As always, emphasize the "UGH" in "lug.") The dio is notable for being "big."


  1. I think it won the "hey, it's big" award too, didn't it?

  2. Aww, Kevoh, I thought you would have at least appreciated the benches. I put real thought and effort into an attempt at wrought iron.