Brickfair Finds, Round 1

Sunday marked the end of Brickfair, the Washington DC LEGO convention, and pictures are starting to roll in.

On the left, the Lincoln Memorial is blown to bits, with a nice use of those rebel trooper helmets for knees. Jedi Abe confuses things, though. On the right, a gorgeous Alpine scene. Take note, dear readers, on the use of a mosaic as more than just "hey this is a picture of my cat/hot girlfriend/thing a computer program barfed out."

Steampunk had a rather dismal showing, but on the right we see a working carousel with adorable spiral stripes. The technique is sure to show up in twee airships and lighthouses, as well as life-size barber poles, soon.

Arthur Gugick appeared in strength, recreating architectural icons from around the world, not just Chicago. Meanwhile, some twisted builder just gave us nightmares forever. Frightening clown-scapes float in the mind's eye, gnashing teeth shred clothing while a voice, goblin-like and wretched, implores us to throw a ping-pong ball into a tiny cup.

Back in phenomenological reality, a brave individual attempted to recreate the greatness of Chieflug @ BC08, but managed to get the walls wrong and be months if not years late.

Finally, on the right, an inside view of a meeting/presentation. Memories swell up. Brickfest 06, the last of its breed. Poor lighting adds drama to the scene: moments before a "steampunk" presentation is scheduled to start, your intrepid and dashing reporter/author/Adonis is informed that he is to head this presentation. Along with his comrades Gonzales, Rubin, Hoffman, and Heckel (attorneys at law), he swaggers into the crowded room. Picture that scene from "Armageddon," but with explosions and sunglasses and more Michael Bay than ever before. Commence a stuttering, circular group cluster-flap. Hoffman all but holds up a skull and soliloquies, "know this, Jules Verne was a bad-ass!" while yours truly rambles for minutes too long about the construction of lowell-bram spheres. Sufficient time passes, the audience is ushered out. The group, sweaty and exhausted, a gaggle of Nixons after a televised debate, vows to never agree to present completely unprepared again.

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