Brickshelf Finds

Who would have thought, new and interesting models on Brickshelf? It seems like the last person has finally jumped ship to MOCpages or Flickr, but the occasional treasure can still be found on the old dog.

Xzanfr dastardly disguised his BS folder; using the least interesting picture as the thumbnail. Once inside, we discover a 2-flat with a Spongebob themed burger on the ground floor. It has a fair amount of detail throughout, perhaps his best yet. The scale, however, is off-putting; he's chosen an even less appealing scale than the "Cafe Corner" standard.

twee affect has neither heart nor love for either Spongebob or Cafe Corner standard.

Busterbuilder treats us with Space Action Hero and his Hero Speeder. Using the old horse reins to slightly angle the wings is clever, and the speeder is notable for its largely studs-down construction.

Buster, meanwhile, needs to be sat down and explained the proper use of the "feather" command.

Aliencat brings us pictures of Hardenberg 2009. The display is mostly Cafe Corner scale run amuck, but there are a few standouts, as well as a fair attempt at modern apartments (with dangerously short parapets), a pretty pink castle, and minifigs looking up the skirts of giants.

Finally, a look at some stolen pics. BS is rife with snatched photos, in this case some pics 1997919 helpfully labeled "town." The original builder went crazy with sand-blue, producing an incredibly over-sized office building. Readers knowing the correct author are encouraged to chime in with a comment.

If only Brickshelf had a user dedicated solely to catching picture thieves; a vigilante in the night, except less cool.

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  1. Original builder: DecoJim