Oh boy you've been Dugg!

twee affect presents:

Foolproof Strategy to be Blogged on Non-LEGO Blogs, Thus Attaining Your Required 15 Minutes of Internet Fame
  1. Abandon creativity. The Mainstream only "gets" LEGO if it is a representation of something from real life or from a Popular Media Film-TV-Videogame.
  2. Choose something popular, nerdy, and timely. If you can't find something timely, you could also choose something that is old-school/cult/retro/"ironic."
  3. Make a faithful copy of the most iconic object. Be sure to make it as huge as you possibly can.
  4. Wait to be blogged on The Brothers Brick.
Soon, you'll be seen on such Mainstream "Geek" Weblogs like Gizmodo, Boing Boing, Kotaku, ffffound, and io9. Huzzah you've made it big, with little creative effort! This feels so much better than coming up with a design all by yourself!


  1. I'm pretty sure most people outside of the Lego community don't realize that people build other things aside from pop-culture establishments.

    Also, when blogged on these websites, you can always count on being called a virgin and that you wasted time and resources building it (or that it isn't THAT impressive), instead of, you know, playing video games and watching TV. (Fun Fact: a vast majority of AFOLs are married and / or have children, as compared to the users of most of those sites)

  2. I believe that I've just been served.