That popping sound you hear, that's the babies exploding... like popcorn!

District 9 came out in theatres last weekend. As with anything new and nerdy, the LEGO community dove in early and often, basing models on the 6 minute short Alive in Joburg, the seed that grew into the feature length film.

the subject matter

Erik (left) faithfully recreated the hardsuit (biosuit?) depicted in AiJ. It is adorably top heavy, and is closest to scale without losing significant detail.

David Runyon (right) opted for a larger scale with clever faceplate, but hasn't added much detail as accommodated by the larger size.

Jordan Schwartz's biosuit (left) shows off how many fez hats he owns, but is not terribly accurate, nor very beautiful.

He is commended, however, for attempting to build the prauns (right), a most difficult challenge. He's got the size right, but is missing any tentacle goodness, which is surprising, as it seems the perfect opportunity to use the rubber bands he usually wraps around ever available part of a model. The pose, as noted in the flickr comments, is bizarre, and his choice of camera angle exaggerates it.

Expect more District 9 models to come, dear reader, and dread the day Brickarms/LittleArmory/Brickforge starts mass producing orange and white praun rifles.

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