Your mother can't be with you anymore.

Dear reader, imagine music: la-de-da-de-da, alive and Mitteleuropean, a meistersinger serenades in the town square, as the townsfolk bustle to and fro. Enter scene, southern Germany, 1891. The Town Hall Kochendorf has reopened after a much needed renovation last year, making the 16th century building ready for the approaching 20th.

Brickshelf member Bambi takes us back in time to this charming half-timbered icon. With timbers in half plate, plate, and plate and a half width, the eccentricity of the original is captured. Turntable bases are used sparingly but effectively, and the bright green doors range in size to accept everything from coal to carriages. Quoins neaten the rubble walls; a black fascia does the same for the red gable roof.

Savor the details. This is LEGO. This is Architecture. This is Love.

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