Kings and bears often worry their keepers.

Brickshelf user AndyBear has built himself a tram station for the Belgian city of Bruges.

It is lovely and charming, but could it possibly suffer from too much detail? The ends of logs poking out every which way, timbers large and small, railing and flowers and flags and awnings! What is the deal with the roof; what is the Bear trying to represent? Doesn't matter, the Effin' Bear encrusts that roof with flair like he's "Nadroj" covering a model with gratuitously rare/expensive parts.

Bikicsmilan, meanwhile, shares the latest extension to his fictional Hungarian city, the Cathedral of St. Mirton.

Like the similarly named (nonfictional) St. Martin's in Bratislava, this nave is so ornate one would expect daily coronations. Kings parade out of here daily, like on those clocks that have the little wheel and things run around on it, out one door and back in another, every hour. You know the ones, that are featured in Looney Toons and your grandmother's den? Well, that's how often kings go in and out of this cathedral.

Readers, you might argue that this is even more too much than the last one, but this Goldilocks finds it just right. The glass has been stained, the walls have been mottled, and some shingler blew his load all over the roof.

And holy mustache, check out the spire! Cornice, column, and entablature me all night long!


  1. They can't all be Sekiyamas.

  2. it's really cool to see gratuitous parts usage /detailing next to good parts usage/detailing. I wish every lego fan/builder in the world could see this. Maybe they would get the difference.