We are all deprived and disgusting, or something to that extent.

We (well, jonesy and matt) here at twee affect have a hard-on for Asian train builders. While it is well known that everyone's favorite "zanie" builder Sekiyama, who, by the grace of God, has migrated to flickr, is jonesy's favorite Asian train builder (his favorite overall being yours truly), matt's favorite it is less well known (unless you are Andrew or Tim at TBB, who frequently must put up with matt's "tips"). The answer, dear readers, is Danden (aka Seunghoon Yoo, whom we suspect to be Korean, given his large number of Korean trains).

Danden's work is becoming better and better, as of recently. Most notably, he no longer ignores the fact that some locomotives have six axles. Admittedly a lot of his work is not 100% accurate, and he is not a pretentious show off when it comes to SNOT techniques, but his models still stand out from all the garbage you find on brickshelf these days. The simplicity may be a factor in this. His "clean lines" and simple yet well executed models are what some builders aspire to make. A lot of it, readers, also has to do with his presentation. Everything is photographed so well, even when he uses a white backdrop. You can clearly see that, in spite of the white backdrop and grey colored MOC, the photo is not overexposed.

Danden's most recent MOC is revision an older model, his Santa Fe FP45. Again, the model is quite simple given today's standards , but still stands out. Too often is (THNX ANON!!!!!!) does the thought go through and quickly be dismissed that perhaps these grilles are too overcomplicated. Simply changing the color is sufficient . While this part would work better for the end, it is not quite as common light bley and, if Danden is cheap like your author and did not want to spend $1.50 on one part, it is extremely admirable of Danden to be so consistent in his use of light bley (something of which your author is certainly not capable). Perhaps a New Year's resolution could be to do things simpler. Just kidding!!! Your author is not one to make himself think such horrible things (he would rather things like death).


  1. haha, no comments on the train post

    stupid trains

  2. Whatever, two other poasts of mine that have been about trains got tons of comments!!!!!!

    PS: It is probably because this poast is actually sincere D: D: D:

  3. "Too often is does the thought go through and quickly be dismissed that perhaps these grilles are too overcomplicated."

    hahaha, you are an idiot!

  4. matt i don't understand. what is the point of this post. are you being sarcastic. is this a blog. what are legos. why do you like them. what are you trying for. i don't understaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.