I hope you get a new pillow to cry into.

We here at twee affect are apparently known for picking on a particular member of the online community. Because this person is under 18, a bunch of know-it-all adults get protective because he's such a sweet innocent kid who deletes comments he disagrees with. Like Nnenn, but younger. Anyway, these AHOLs like to think that they are so mature and wise and people that disagree are just bitter/jealous/mean/troll/ignorant.

But ho ho, dear reader! There is a hypocrite amongst these overprotective twats! Yes, Polywen is himself a bully of children. He gets his jollies from publicly humiliating minors who "steal" images on some silly LEGO site for little children. There's even a whole flickr group devoted to it! Why an adult is spending so much time around a site for children, well, that's another matter entirely, best left to Chris Hansen.

Singling out adults for ridicule! Yeah!


  1. I guess Twee eventually had to make a post I couldn't get behind.

  2. Why don't you take a seat over there.

  3. I've read through your blog and found some insightful comments here and there, but this post casts significant doubts on the necessity of your continuing consumption of oxygen.

    For starters, if you need to resort to ad-hominem attacks instead of supplying counterarguments to a well-made case should tell you that you're losing the fight already. Nevertheless, you continue with baseless accusations of pederasty and hypocrisy, where the latter is even obviously untrue.

    I do not consider you likely to utter phrases like "Won't somebody please think of THE CHILDREN" and you doing just that strains credibility beyong its breaking point. The only thing Polywen can be found guilty of is defending intellectual property. Claiming someone's work as one's own could be seen as morally reprehensible, and Nadroj is free to do whatever he pleases with his creations, wether you like it or not. There is absolutely no hypocrisy in supporting both these statements at the same time.

    TL;DR: Flinging shit makes you look like a monkey. 2/10, would not rage again.

  4. A-hem, and the former accusation isn't true either. I'm just saying.

  5. He's fucking 17. When I posted my first moc on CSF, I was 15 and someone (sastrei IIRC) Tore it the fuck apart. You didn't see me bitching about bullying. In one year, will he be eligible for criticism simply because he is legally an Adult? Or is everyone white-knighting for him for some other reason?

    My only issue with Nadroj (besides everyone defending him) is that it seems like he builds simply to say "look what I can do with this obscure-ass/rare piece". It just seems like he rubs money on his MOCs to make them good. I guess this latest thing, with the obvious "I'm only posting these few pix so you have to buy brick journal to see the rest" kinda pisses me off, but whatever, there are other builders I like anyway, and will continue to look at their mocs, for free.

    My main point here is, If someone attacks him, he should grow a pair and defend himself, rather than deleting and waiting for other people to come to his aid.

    As for polywen, Yeah its kinda annoying to see the "Mission Completed" or "BRICKBUSTARZ" in my photostream, thats why I just muted him and occasionally go to check his photostream to see if he's built something. Whether or not its mean/necessary/good, its what he does and what he contributes to the lego community as a whole.

    TL;DR Mahqua is a fucking idiot, who uses "big" words to make himself look good."Necessity of your continuing consumption of oxygen"

    1/10, gtfo of my internet.

  6. Scotty, why keep me as a contact? I'm sorry if what I do annoys you. But you're right, it's something I choose to do. Feel free to make not a contact if I do anything that bugs. Some people appreciate it, some don't. I also don't understand why you pay so much attention to Nadroj if you don't like him. You're free to dislike him of course. But it seems an odd irony that the guy bugs you so much, yet you pay so much attention to every little move he makes. How about ignore him? Wouldn't your life be so much better?

    Now, I have no issues with people in the community offering criticism to each other, even to minors. This thing with Nadroj goes beyond that. It's constant and targeted. There's a difference between "I don't like this part on your Moc" and these hate filled rants against the kid.

  7. I'm just saying there are lines. There is such thing as going too far. Set aside your hate for a second. Imagine that it's just some random kid, or maybe your little brother. Do you really think people deserve to be treated like this? Is his crime of "having rare parts" really that offensive in the big scheme of things? Who cares, good for him.

  8. Kevoh; I am nobody of importance. However, I am looking forward to your next blog post where my creations will be shunned and I will be accused of molesting kittens.

    Scotty; You are correct in your assumptions that I am an avid supporter of extraneous bombastic circumlocution. Sadly, your current state of mind (being either clouded through bad judgment, rage or merely being limited by your inferior genetic makeup) prevents you from making additional valid points.

    Paul; Substantiated arguments and common sense are wasted on these people. So far they have not grasped the concept that Nadroj's age is of no importance in this matter, and they have steadfastly refused to adress any other arguments to the detriment of their laughable Quixotic crusade.

  9. I would say that his age is only relevant in that I spoke up only because he was a minor. I otherwise don't care if they want to waste their time trashing grown ups like nnenn or myself.

  10. Mahjqa, your creations aren't worth the bother.

  11. Yeah, mahjqa, it's like we're not serious, or something.

  12. OK Cunts (nice lead, eh?). I'm going to lay this out for you... age is a minimal part of the issue for me and probably most others.

    I have a problem because you *repeatedly* single out Nadroj even though he hasn't, as far as you've ever made out, done anything to you. Sure he's done some annoying things in the past but that doesn't explain the targeted vitriol.

    I couldn't really give a fuck if you believe me or not but the more you bully Nadroj, the more people are going to call you out for it. It's that simple.

    And yes you also single out Nnenn but he has shown full capability of fighting back and being equally snide and nasty as you. Nadroj has not done so and thus others will step in on his behalf.

    And to give a summary of all this for the 'tl;dr' liars: we hate you 'cause you're cunts, not 'cause you're cunts to a 17 year old.

    That is all

  13. And with full apologies to Matt I left out an 'as' in my diatribe.