It will be all things good for us and all things bad for our enemies!

DJ Tektonic here, mixing up some mad architectural beats.

Introducing Matija Grguric, Croatian architecture student, LEGO Ambassador, and skilled craftsman. His latest is a 1:40 model of Fallingwater. One of the most well known works of any American architect, Matija manages to make it fresh and interesting with detailed stone walls, highlighting the contrast with the tan concrete cantilevers (something the recent LEGO model neglected). The winter trees are not quite compelling, but at least he tried.

The decision to go with black instead of the conventional blue for the water paid off; making a glassy reflective surface representative of what one would see in person. And maybe it's just the single-paned windows in this apartment, but this writer feels like he is back there again, on a day much like the snowy one depicted. Be sure to check out Matija's other sets, there are many more treasures to see.

Official crush RH1985 (see the first love letter) has been hard at work on an interesting little project; a subway platform. While WIPs are rarely blog-worthy, this one is notable because building this was once a dream of yours truly. Hyper-detailed depictions of odd, mundane, and difficult-to-contain realities are few but awesome in LEGO fan culture. (Difficult to contain, as in, not easily defined as an "object" in a field. A subway platform is the lack of objectness, a hollow in the ground.)

RH has a ways to go to achieve true awesome status (plate-bottomside ceilings will simply not do) but someone once said that every architect has 1000 bad buildings in them, so it is best to get those out as quickly as possible, and then move on to the good ones.

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  1. See, this is why I read Twee Affect. The snarkiness, yes, but the compassion and interest in honest-to-goodness heterodox building. I learn so much just reading! ^_^