Dust on the Ground

We don't usually go in for world landmarks (too obvious!) but this rendering of a yet-unruined Angkor is too good to snub for mere theme preference reasons. What really makes this model is the texture. How long do you suppose torgugick sat staring at this thing, wondering if the round plate pattern looked random enough?

Pretty much, we have a headache just thinking about it. Good going guy.


  1. I'd just write a computer program to ensure randomness ;) He may have done the same.

  2. No computer program.... just threw all the pieces in a bowl and closed my eyes.


  3. I feel such a fool - I always thought this marvellous place was part of the Discworld Universe, not our own.

    Now why would that be? Is there a rational reason for my misconception, or do I just need to lay off the drugs?