A Brickworld Roundup Post, from Twee Affect!

We are quite keenly aware, dear readers, that Brickworld happened in Chicago last weekend, and that we owe our readers a roundup post. We asked Matty to help us with the post, but he said he is spending all his mental energies thinking of fresh ways to feel ill-used by the world. We asked Kevoh to help us with the post, but he has been languishing on his sopha, for the past week, complaining of a head-ach. So, dear readers, it falls to us, to venture forth into the howling wilderness of convention pictures, alone. Utterly alone.

This handsome seaborne post-apoc dio caught our eye right away; the graceful ruined gate structures give it the sense of mystery that's conspicuously absent from most post-apoc offerings. The oar-drawn boat also looks pretty slick; what must have been a high performance craft before the fall is now crippled by the lack of modern infrastructure, and is now dependent on the wind and sheer manpower to get places. There's another boat in the dio which Kevoh dismissed as "ugly", but at least it's interestingly ugly.

This basic brick castle is set in a surprisingly technicolor landscape, which we appreciate a lot, since we are sick to death of great swaths of green baseplate populated with board-stiff minifig armies in castle displays. Only they would have been better off without the dark orange in this one, we think.

Someone decided to be topical with the micro layout.

Someone else built a gigantic oreo cookie and glass of milk, because why not.

The Fabuland Builders' Guild seems to be a Brickworld tradition, and this year's layout was pretty charming. We didn't suppose those cartoonish Fabuland parts would work with detailed building styles, but they manage it pretty well here. Maybe next year the buildings will be arranged a little more like a village, and less like they're posing for a class photo.

Yet another someone built Neuschwanstein, which is a fake castle.

Tigger was there, no doubt fleeing the scene of a crime.

And that, dear readers, is all we care to shew you, from Brickworld! We hope everyone had a good time at the con!


  1. The all-brick castle was built with Modulex.

  2. I'm surprised you guys didn't comment on this:
    Of course, I imagine the fact that it was staged cheapens the impact, but still. You could always take it out of context.

  3. Oh I missed that one; tell that guy to add his pics to the Brickcon pool. Anyways meh. Candids are better than staged photos!