Don't mistake coincidence for fate.

My word! So much ground to cover! Dear readers, this author has been largely imcomputicado for several weeks (indeed, no posts in 1 month 2 days!). Luckily dearest Jonesy and Jaster have posted many wonderful things and so the absence has hopefully gone unnoticed. But back to that ground. We found ourself so behind the times that we had to rely on The Bro-Brix to catch up. But later we browsed Flickr, to great success.

How to best discuss so many things, of such a disparate nature? Chronologically!

Turn your time-turners back as far as they will go, to observe Jon Hall's sky-fi Steel Wind. What colors, what contours, what details!

Fast forward to a week and a half ago, with Tekka Croe and his 2 nice carts. Are they the most innovative or clever? Perhaps not. But what character will they add, to any otherwise dreadful array of tudor houses across green 32x32s that they call a Con display. (Classic Castle City Standard, we are looking at you.)

3 days later the most dear Danny Rice (friend-of-the-show) shared a frog. It is said that the head is some sort of Star Wars thing, and is a Nice Part Use. Those sand-green R2 bodies too—we thought this color-part combo was destined to sit in our (and here we mean everyone, not merely the "royal we" as per usual) drawers and bins, forever; who else curiously has these? Some random bucket, it must have been. This is by far a more verbose paragraph than necessary! (But one more thing: is Danny now on summer vacation? Can we expect more wonders in the weeks ahead? Pray it be true!)

Lord Dane and New Right made a spacesuit and an "exploration suit," left and right respectively², this Memorial weekend. The exploration suit could use another go-round, but it is so positively ungainly as-is that perhaps it should be kept so.

Curses! We had thought the Steel Wind was the most recent, but we find now that it is the first, and have to go back and put it right. This is now a poor conclusion indeed. Look ahead for a more composed writing, on that most interesting of subjects, Single-Photo Creations.

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