Weekend Roundup!

((Primus)) posted this great spindly lil tripod bot, using a technique of tobyhein's. We tried this basketball hoop around the technic pulley thing, and while it is a pretty firm mecha joint, we are concerned about it warping the soft plastic hoop parts. Clearly you shouldnt do this, unless you are like us and got like thirty of these basketball impulse sets on clearance at KB Toys, or like four of this Quidditch set because Harry Potter sets are, omg so great.

Brickshelf user "tattun" uploaded this bristly metal-slug-ish tank, and it is too cute/punk/apock to pass up! Look at this tiny pilot! Just imagine what tiny deep-seated rage animates his tiny life! We pretty much love this shit.

Gambort posted another pic of the brake van he did a couple weeks ago, and intentional or not it just kinda said "blog meeeeeeeee", so we will. Full disclosure: we are sort of buddies with gambort in an odd way, since our night shift job means we are pretty much on Australian time, and also we trade specious arguments with him, on the internet.

That is not to say that this lil trane car doesn't have merit! It has a good mix of textures, and we like the lil roof details more than we probably should! Resident Train Mocs Section Editor Matty's only comment: "why are there viking horns".


  1. :blush:

    The viking horns are the guard ropes. Not perfect but short of using non-purist cord I've not got a better idea.

  2. Why don't more trains have Viking horns?