The night sky whispers an adjustment to the clouds above them.

"...bleak, wind-swept fens and moors; empty fields with broken walls and gates hanging off their hinges; a black, ruined church; an open grave; a suicide buried at a lonely crossroads; a fire of bones blazing in the twilit snow; a gallows with a man swinging from its arm; another man crucified upon a wheel; an ancient spear plunged into the mud with a strange talisman, like a little leather finger, hanging from it; a scarecrow whose black rags blew about so violently in the wind that he seemed about to leap into the grey air and fly toward you on vast black wings..."

This ghastly apparition reaches out directly into the nightmare hearts of all who pass by. How very melancholy!

In other news: quick everyone dig out their Hagar's Hut roofs! What's in the hatch?!


  1. First Scotty and now Kevoh! Tweeaffect is just piling on the new writers, aren't they?