Suddenly Susan Castles!

Look at all this new freshly-posted castle stuff, dear readers! Lolasso put together all his dioramas to make one big scene, which is pretty great. It's got a nice mix of textures and decent foliage, and we are always drawn to ruins for some reason. Check out his photostream and website for more pics!

Andybear just posted this impressive Hong Kong temple, and we were all ready to be transported into a Crouching Tiger-y reverie, until we saw the bus station underneath:

Dammit Andybear! Now all we can picture in your model is fat American tourists waddling around and dropping their sticky candybar wrappers everywhere, instead of an epic medieval epic, with intrigue and romance. What a bonerkill.

ArzLan posted this Chinese Junk last month, featuring a snotted-tile hull and plate sails, because suck on that zero-stud zealots! We like the lil mosaic flag, but we're not too sure about that black rail along the side of the hull--it looks like it'll break any second. There's more pictures in his brickshelf, and wait what's this, more tourists? Dammit!!!! We thought you were like, the king of custom medieval Asian figs, guy! Put those on your boat!!!

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