Public days, just, swig from a flask. End up face down in a bin of LEGOs.

Does a cat die in a box if no one is there to see? Is Brickcon awesome without twee affect there? Yes, BC10 is without our wisdom, beauty, and guile. Is it even be the same, without us? Who will people fear? We have always had such good times at conventions, could it be that the key ingredient was in fact ourselves?

Well, it is occurring, right now. As I write this public hours are likely just beginning across the coast. Is Dan Rubin hung over? Did Adrian Drake actually manage to drag his wife along? How many Mai Tais has Dan Brown had today so far? Has Steve Witt shot anyone in the face with a nerf gun, for asking too many stupid questions about why aren't there any LEGO stores in Nowhere, Idaho?

Check out the inner workings of Tyler Clite's latest spaceship. And there's teen heartthrob Derek Schin!

Innovative tree-stump presentation technique! Nice Part Use!

We haven't spotted any pics of moonbase. Is it well and truly dead, or has it moved underwater?


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