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The Way We Build Now: smiling, mysteriously, at some secret joy inside us. We have been following this one forum thread Matty started to advertise his maersk train post, and due to our constant need for approval, only read the parts about us. And a horrible chill ran up our spine when we read this!

"I got bored of the bloggers' constant need to be edgy and cool and rebellious and all that new-age hipster bullshit that they do so love." -.Jake

What a shocking rebuke! Surely our dear readers don't all think that of us? And also what do you suppose a "new-age hipster" is, someone who wears a caftan with skinny jeans? We can only think of one bro who would fit this description: Natalie Portman's ex-boyfriend Devendra Banhart. Clearly, we are this guy.

We received a much more accurate criticism lately in a fortune cookie fortune, which read "Don't be so critical and overly concerned about details". Haha, wow! Did they just nail it or what! Anyways lets prove .Jake right and be music snobs:

Here is a pretty good mosaic by au_riverhorse of manufactured pop music product Taylor Swifts! Because the way to "make it" in the music industry is to be blonde haired and blue eyed and to sing incredibly generic dreck about heterosexual high school romance! And then have your agent call the agents of eligible hollywood bachelors and set up fake dates for the paparazzi to catch on camera to get your name in the tabloids to help your career! We are sure Taylor Swift the person is perfectly nice, but we find Taylor Swift the music industry product to be unbearable. Anyways, the mosaic is pretty good.

Takeshi Itoh built a new moc! It is a Royal Library, full of magickal tomes and wizzardly grimoires! How did he know that this is exactly the thing we like best! The two tall bookcases seem to have some sort of medieval clockpunk winch system to raise and lower the shelves, which he probably explains on his website ("Sorry! This page is japanese only") but not knowing is agreeably mysterious nonetheless! We wish the book spines werent in such big color blocks, and that the windows weren't smoke colored, but this is still a pretty great moc. Bonus game: spot the transblue dolphin!

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  1. I am not sure if you are questioning whether or not the bookcases are actually functional, but they are not; the builder did a good job of making them appear so, though.