The process of reducing the flesh and guts of the mouse to a powder, according to well-known principles of magic.

zerpflücken - german, literally "to pick to pieces."
That old rhyme "Three Blind Mice" has been translated by SlyOwl into a rather clever photo blending an actual kitchen counter with a LEGO model. The matching up of LEGO to tile at the corner is especially well done. The mice have just the right mix of realism and the cartoon, and the difference between the two is excellent (who among us wouldn't build one good mouse and be tempted to simply replicate it for the next?). There's even an innovative apple core.

BUT LOOK AGAIN, dear readers. What's with the braille? Your author didn't even realize that's what it was supposed to be, above the mouse hole, until reading the comments. It is so out of scale for humans, let alone mice. And it should be beside the "door," not above, if anywhere at all. The mouse hole is questionable too. How did the mice get to countertop level? How did they chew through the tile? Where is the sitting mouse's cane? And that apple is way out of scale, unless its a crab apple, in which case, if you are keeping crab apples on countertops, don't be surprised if some mice show up!

You may protest, "but how can you apply such rigorous demands of realism to a model that is framed on the conceit that blind mice wear sunglasses and use canes?" to which we answer, "In a world where a blind mouse has a cane, a wall with one hole doesn't have braille above it!" We tried to make that into one of those "man with one eye is king" phrases but it didn't quite work out.

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