Closeout Sale, Y'all!

Before I try to sell you things, I would like to thank everyone who has bought Legos from my Bricklink store or have straight up given me your money. I really do appreciate your tremendous generosity. Without you, Brickworld would not be possible for me.

Now let us take this time to announce the Brickworld closeout sale*! Only seven things are left in our inventory, and time is running out! In order to expedite the selling process, we have put everything on sale and have lifted the minimum order. We are also offering free pick-up at Brickworld if you should like (say so in the comments section of the order so that we know to bring it with us). Click the image below to go straight to our Bricklink store! Finally, we are still accepting handouts donations if you wish you contribute to our cause but find our inventory unappealing.

*Brickworld closeout sale is not affiliated with BrickworldTM

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