How do I bashed kit???

This poast was excruciating to write. First we wanted to write something snarky and link you examples of shitty cafe corner style buildings to prove some point that we shouldn't even need to make. Our point being that Lego sets exist as supplies of parts to design our own models, not as models to collect dust on our shelves and desks. But we gave up and decided to just write this poast.

Anyway, our sister blag poasted pix of some new set and, surprise!, someone doesn't like it. If you are reading this poast, Lego, please don't listen to us; we are just a bunch of AHOLs.


  1. hahaha, you are vain enough to think that lego reads your blag, matt! you are no better than the person who thinks that lego cares about his or her opinion on the set's appearance! hahaha!!!

  2. ^ Meta...

    You should have written it on the TBB post. Mocking that attitude is endorsed.

  3. Haha oh matty, just cold supply both sides of the convo, with yourself. How conceptual!