Where I'm going I don't need roads so I'll leave my spaceships here.

There were several other legos at Brickworld that weren't MISB town sets, and we planned to tell you all about them but god is that boring.  Instead check out this floating rock.
Jacob took this photo.
It was built by a person named Ian, which we only know by looking at the moc-card, despite speaking to him (at him?).  Lukas and Kevoh went up to him and started to talk about how much we like floating rocks, and he stood there silently, peering at our nametags, looking in our eyes, and smirking.  It was a bit awkward, but then throughout the rest of con whenever we crossed paths he always met eyes with Kevoh and smirked.  What a mystery!  If you are out there Ian, say hello.  Or maybe you are actually mute, in which case we recommend carrying around a little card explaining the situation.

But Kevoh managed to take this one!
Anyway it's a boss rock.


  1. Rick Ross boss to boss rock... somehow I missed it

  2. Whoa! I see cheese slopes actually attached to something! ;-)