busy busy busy

Autumn is here, dear readers! Things that happen in Autumn are happening; AHOLs everywhere (the US) are gearing up for some legos convention in Seattle. Our lack of poasts would rightly make you think that we too are among those AHOLs who are gearing up for a legos convention in Seattle, or perhaps even going back to school. Well, you would be wrong to think that!!! The truth is that there has not been any interesting content in what seems like decades and we can only make fun of my own creations so much until it becomes boring for you, dear readers, and for us. Anyway, look at this Mesoamerican pyramid that some European AHOL brought to some convention in Denmark. It's bad.


  1. But it's big! Surely that counts for something. I mean, if you're going to cover a space of that size, you shouldn't be expected to do it WELL, too.


  2. I like it? But then again I'm a big Sim City/Rollercoaster Tycoon fan.

  3. It's obviously an overgrown quarry.