a ray of sunshine on a grey morning

As twee affect's thorough investigative journalism has already informed you, a LEGO Building Elements Fan-Organized Convention has just become finished with taking place. I was there.

I found myself the only twee contributor (insofar as I do contribute to this blog) in attendance, and thus did not expect to have the pleasure of seeing any of my cohort's my own creations. However, you may or may not be aware that sometimes, a builder who cannot make it to a convention will mail his model to a friend that will display it in his absence. So, dear readers, you can imagine how lovely a surprise it was to see one of Matt's trains.

Good job, Matt, and thanks to whoever displayed it for him!


  1. "my cohorts' my own creations" what's yours is mine toys r us we is legos

    Capital poast, Matty! I did not know Jacob built trains!

  2. I am flattered by your mixup, Erik Boy, but Matt would not have made such a grammatical mistake (i.e., one with no joke behind it).

  3. just keep on flattering me, jacob

  4. I really like the way you did those stripes on the front of the train