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The images in media are powerful. In the form of advertisements they can convince us that diseases exist and that taking some poison can cure us of the symptoms. They also tell us how we should look, dress, and act based on constructed roles, all without explicitly saying so. Some corporations use this power to undermine the public good, others do not. Fortunately for us AHOLs, the Lego Group does the latter.

Lego recognizes that its toys influence the children who play with them. In the past Lego took a stance against its toys being violent. While this has certainly changed, Lego continues to influence its market with sets that promote environmental conscientiousness. Indeed, recycling trucks are, save for their colors and the logos on the sides, nothing new. However, with modern media, the messages sent through these sets can reach a broader audience and have a greater impact on society. More people can be exposed nigh instantaneously to the messages which Lego sends through its products.

We here at twee affect applaud the Lego group for not only creating high quality toys, but also high quality toys with high quality messages.

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