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huh who is this guy i thought he was some sort of underage astronaut or something i dont know

The Rise and Fall of Tyrannosaurus

Erik's rule of the day is: when in doubt re-build it five or six times. Such dedication is shown by flickr user Aurore Ampersand Aube, aka W9GFO. As a fellow builder I can begin to imagine the thoughts that must have passed through his mind, such as "would it look better if I were to rotate this cheese slope 90 degrees" or "what if I used a 2x3 wedge plate here instead of a 2x4 wedge plate?" Such attention to detail is a true mark of obsessiveness passion on the part of the My Own Creator. His passion is evident in the quality My Own Creations that Ampersand Aube has posted for viewing on his flickriver.

Life in the fast lane

Upon further observation it appears half-pins have been used to secure a few elements on the belly, a slightly taboo solution. However this can be overlooked thanks to the otherwise steadfastness to traditionalist doctrine. Notice the lack of rubber bands, clip connections, and other grey-area impurities.

That's right kids, Legos® blocks brought to you by studs since 1949.

Even mighty Legos® to has attempted to rebuild some of its own My Own Creations, as evident in the multitudes of different fire trucks and police cars that have been available. In an effort to keep with the times as well as appease joe fanboy, Legos® has gone to re-design the iconic Star Wars©®™ spaceships over the years. Don Solo of The Brothers Bothan reviews the Millennium Falcon III, click the image to read:

7965 Millennium Falcon Review: gaps galore

Mind the gaps kid, or else you'll find yourself floating home.



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