So I take phosphates

Ok I like this line...

Recently the parts of the AHOL community has been at odds with itself over the new "Friends" theme. Some (correctly) feel that certain aspects of the line perpetuate prescribed, damaging images to young girls while others (incorrectly) think that they are just overreacting. Fan made pictures like the above really reinforce the former's argument. We have chosen to remove its author, about whom we could say a great number of not so nice things, from our contacts and hope that you chose to as well.

The sets are indeed a bountiful supply of new colors and parts never released in other colors, but why could Lego not introduce them in other lines? Most Star Wars sets are nothing but shades of grey with a few tiles or slopes thrown in for highlights; police and fire sets are just white, red, and blue ad infinitum. The insides of most larger Star Wars sets are various primary colors, why not sprinkle in brighter, different colors so that, when the child takes apart the set, he or she has more options? No city's public vehicle liveries are the same and who is to say that Lego can not make up its own? Lego need not prescribe colors to certain lines because of what "marketing" says. Lego is a system; it should try to make its sets as versatile as possible so that, regardless of the child's sex, he or she will want to play with Lego bricks.


  1. This image perpetuates the idea that men cannot swear properly. That is offensive to me.

  2. Be careful, Tim, you might just pierce your cheek.