Beaten to the Punch: spreading thin over the legos blagging bramsphere

Pre-script: The Brothers Brick sister-brother-sibling-person blagger Caylin has beaten me to sharing this content, so it happens to be. "Kudos" to her for for her good choice of content, from one blagger to another. Perhaps I have stepped out of my league, pursuing other themes other than science fiction (aka .space) for content.

Lukasz W. is Teenage Fan of Lego. He is not to be confused with Lukas WP, who as of late has been building not with Legos but with carbonic fibers (also blagging!!!). It may be conjectured, that like other teenagers, Lukasz is easily bored. I am in a position to testify to this, although I like to refer to my temperament differently, as being "difficult to entertain". Anyway, Lukasz seems to be bored of grey Lego castles, and has built one out of red Lego bricks instead. He has done a good job of it. It is nice to see young builders putting forth the effort to build castles, rather than the ever-popular and ever-repetitive .space things like hardsuits.

You may see more on brickshelf, which really is an important website, although Lukasz also maintains a flickr stream. Also, spot the SNOT 180!

Poast-script: to keep Twee content "first" and fresh, here is Maelven's Spitfire airplane:

[Air] Mk.Vb Spitfire [Racer]

It is an example of the great things to be achieved with the newish 2 x 4 curved slopes.

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