"Broes" b4 "Hoex"

Flickrstreamr Henrik Hoexbroe has skillfully build a 4-wide Citroën 2CV mater. The prototype has distinctive curves, which would be difficult to render in Lego at all let alone in town scale.

2CV_collage DSC03345
Oh baby. He calls this stuff "micro-scale" military, which I like to believe is "minifigure-scale" military. While that MOCpages link loads up you might see my "town-scale" sherman tank, which has taken the 7-wide plunge since previously featured by Matty.

speaking of things that come "b4 hoes", in addition to "bros" joins "legos". it has been decided that funds which would have gone to high school promenade admittance and tux rental will be deferred to buying "legos" instead because

 "fuck that". the fruits of the coming purchases should be able to be viewed at "brickworld 2012", or so we hope!

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the blogging!
    Regarding the Panzer IV bridge-layer; Those models were made to scale 1:76 (At least if you look at the overall dimensions) -while minifig-scale usually would be around 1:45 (I know; varies a lot...)
    Best regards
    Henrik Hoexbroe