Play with your toys how I think you should

We don't like to reblag things (this isn't tumblr) that our "sister blag" blags, but we are angry and have important things to say. The above picture is not how we adults should play with children's building blocks. Lego blocks are not for dumping on the ground: they are for connecting. We could get into a ramble on the semantics of "building" and "construction" and how they imply connections, but we need to be up in 6 hours to clean up a bunch of rotting meat and need to write this now. The above is just a mosaic, and a bad one (we know what qualifies a good mosaic, we are also experts in that field) at that because, if agitated, it will come apart (more so than it already is). And don't even try to argue that it's art - Lego isn't that (even though we have gotten some into an art museum).

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