Study break!

School is happening, dear readers! As we oft do drone, having a life is horrible! We hardly have time to shave anymore, and that is not because it is nnovvember Movember. They say being in school brainwashes our nation's youth, so let's get back to our roots and look at some trains.
If you know anything about trains and still, for whatever reason, build 6wide, you know that the cabs on Alco road switchers are a real pain in the ass to model in Lego. Swoofty's representation really takes the cake. His skills at making decals have improved since he last modeled an RS3. Even though the model is light grey (bley?) and a box on wheels, he still manages to make it look interesting.
Portec RMC 'Hurricane' Jet Snowblower
Next up is Pickyourownbogie's maintenance of way vehicle. Pickyourownbogie is new to flickr (and to me), but he seems to be a talented, nigh prolific builder. I've never seen the prototype, but you cannot deny the awesomeness of a train with what looks like a rocket strapped onto it.
Ok, enough blagging about legos, back to writing about how Yiddish is the new black loshn-koydesh.

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