Bewb poast (Explicit!!)

Hello, dear readers. The theme of the day is, "see what you want to see". Karf Oohlu is known for creatively using odd LEGO parts to represent familiar things, such as roller skate accessories as miniature cars. AFOLs AHOLs Assholes call this phenomenon enpeeoo. It is this writer's opinion that Karf usually gets some fun results with this trick, but his latest is both unclear and bizarre.

Morgo Fleshman
"Morgo is awesomely insane. Morgo is also awesomely strong, with an awesome hate of yellow minifigs - he will pop their heads like ripe pimples as soon as see them....and think 'that was awesome'"
"And yes, those ARE big muscular arms on odd contortionist shoulders, not, not at all....some armless women with extremely dangerous boobs....'cause that thought did suddenly come to me just then... OMG, now all I'm seeing is those big dangerous boobs...they are only arms they are only arms they...."
But what is it that YOU see, dear reader? Are you a voyeur observing some cross-racial sex act gone terribly awry? Or are you receiving a graphic, cautionary word on erotic asphyxiation? Oohlu has unwittingly invited us to interpret his work in a number different ways. In letting us choose to see what we want to see, letting us choose how we "control the action", Oohlu discovers us exposed. He has opened the door to the washroom, hoping to discover it unoccupied, but he accidentally intrudes on us gazing at ourselves in the mirror, nude. We have discovered ourselves to be friendless, depraved creatures, and everyone knows of our vulnerable, self-seeking state. Four years since junior high and we would have thought we'd be over pimples and breasts and awkward self-awareness and legos, but we suppose it is not so.

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  1. lol, love your write up matey, and big thanks - ambiguity, it allows everyone to get what they think they want : D