Spotlight: Pearl Gold

We've been thinking about making a purchase of a LEGO set, trying to choose one that will deliver as many new pieces as possible, to push our MOCs into the modern era. Current top picks are the Voltron mech (expensive) or the Disney Castle (so expensive). We browsed through 5 years of castle mocs; it is clear that the Disney Castle is a must-have if we ever decide to build castle again. What are other must-have sets?

Mountaintop ShrineBeauty and the Beast Library1 by Sarah von InnerebnerArabian Nights

 We found this post title as a draft in blogger from 2011. We don't know what pearl gold we intended to feature at that time.

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  1. Speed Champions has been my go-to theme for new parts for a while. They're small, dense, and usually chock-full of the newer snot and detailing pieces. Not sure what would be good for castle in particular.