What Even Is LEGO

Cole Blaq meets Shobrick - Neo Tokyo pt.2

Upon seeing the above photo, our first thought was that we aren't sure what laygoes are anymore. How are those figs posed? Are there new parts we don't know about? Where does the LEGO end and the photoshop begin?

Then, we said "wait, who is Cole Bloq? Is he the one with the LEGO things?" which when said aloud, like we did, without context, is absolutely absurd. But in fact we meant this series of upsized bricks, so we were right.

We have either chilled out or wizened up, because we are seeing art (perhaps even Art) everywhere. This is what we'd been looking for.

Foundation BitStellar ConstellationSchroedinger's CatOuter SpaceCutting Edge [edit-3]Knock Bank

In architecture we talk about rigor. Cole Bloq has rigor.


  1. Up front there oughta be a man in Blaq.

    Truly one of the best among us.

  2. Have you seen the brickbending account on Instagram? Or an artist called isaac.renteria who uses some Lego pieces in their art?