its impossible, but its also right in front of us.

Our relation to Stars War MOCS has always been strained. We like the Stars War, we've read the books, and the vehicles are iconic. But seeing 100 builders build 100 X-Wings is exhausting. Almost as exhausting as saying to the nth public-conventioneer that no, this hot air ballon is not a Star War.

GRID WARS: IV Contest Trophies 
But hey what if we mash it up with TRON???
So yea there was this contest and the most successful entries didn't just color a Star Wars ship black and glow, they fired up the digitizer and did some mashing.

Malware Executable File (Imperial TIE Interceptor) GRID WARS: Malware delete program (Imperial TIE Bomber) 
Shannon Sproule jumped in early with a nearly unrecognizable Nebulon B Frigate, but recovered with TIEs Intercepter and Bomber, above. The Intercepter could be pulled straight from the opening shots of the Grid in TRON:Legacy, floating through the data clouds. It's worth noting that exposed stud-bottoms is a bold and confident choice these days.

Jeff Cross's Gridrunner combines the elder Flynn's upgraded lightcycle and a Sandcrawler, showing that TRON is more than glowing blue & orange.
Naboo N-1 Grid Fighter.exe 
Then we take it all back because if you choose the right ship and right amount of glow, it works.

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  1. I really liked Shannon's Nebulon B. It hit that note where the build itself has a lot of style but then it takes a second to realize what it is.