This is the stage where we will conjure and conquer the world with our ungodly charisma points.

The God Wheel of Fate has stopped for Dover, Scotty, and Jonesy on Yes, Yes In-Fucking-deed. You Will Be The Vanguard! And this moment is the first in a series of moments that, no matter what feelings those moments embody, Yes, Yes is still the answer. Yes to life, and Yes to twee!

3 contest entries for the "Steampunk" 100 Part Challenge. 3 beautiful models showing the way forward. Taste, excellence, using the color brown only where appropriate.

Left to right: "Dr. Flotsam's Phosphate Stand" by Dover, "Jaegersaurus Wrecks" by Scotty, and "Officer Tourbillon" by Jonesy

Get out your notebooks, readers, you are about to get schooled. Umbrellas, bright colors, the word "phosphate," robots with mustaches! This is the our future; a fantastical past. Watch your step, this rock has no railings.


  1. thanks for the nod. I've just recently become a fan of your blog and it's wonderful point of view.