At last the world was quiet.

Parum-pum, dear readers. A dull past few days. Brickcon is approaching, fast but cumbersome; an 8wide train in our collective path, and we are Lesley Nielsen, desperately trying to stay ahead. Road trips are being planned, google maps consulted, flight times checked, hotel accommodations confirmed, alternative sleeping arrangements for the one night hotel-mates decided not to reserve a room, because they weren't going to be in town yet, without asking if, you know, yours truly was flying in on Thursday or Friday...

Meanwhile, new models trickle in, with silence from Brickcon attendees. They've either 1. blown their loads early, 2. held in their amazing new models like that guy on Glee thinking about the time when he was learning how to drive, or 3. just realized that they should probably get going on that project they promised, aka are just now unzipping their pants, to continue the analogy. On to one of those non-Brickcon delights:

An observatory by Kevin Fedde. Enjoy the details; a new discovery with every look. Now, dear readers, if you've ever paid attention to me, now is also a good time. A "Kevin" in training, mayhaps? A fellow traveler of the dark and hoary catacombs, of the super-saturated and airy heights, of the unspoken world a half-turn widdershins away that is never brown but always adorable?

But AAAGGHH! Holy balls! What criminal abomination is this? The viewer almost ignites in vomit. V&A Steamworks says its a WIP, but we can only hope he failed to mention that it was built by some neighborhood kid, 8 years old and piggish. Windows are sloppily stacked, without eye for composition, craft, or common decency. And crime compounding crime, V&A is self-publishing his awful abortions in a book! A book, dear readers! His own copy was insufficient; he must spread his filth, like the snot of a boy on the plate-glass window of a candy shop.

Shaking away the hellish reverie, we recognize that surely this is a book that will only be bought by V&A's mother and subscribers to the print Brickjournal.

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