And so shines a good deed in a weary world.

Harrison has just uploaded a bevy of photographs. Among them, these two notable notables.

On the left, the Batmobile screeches through the streets of Gotham. To quote the kiddies, "NPU" on the armor cowl. It's a bit too bad that the wheels don't actually touch the ground, but the rocket flame makes up for it; the Goddamn Batman would be pleased.

On the right, a scene from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (or I suppose the ending of 'the Chocalate Factory? It's been years). A good moment of action to capture, and the shingles are particularly nice. The use of rubber bands as the main structural/connective element is dubious, but the result is so clean it seems justified, just this once.

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the honest feedback.
    I wasn't aware of this blog until today, and reading the previous posts I felt refreshed. I like the mix of positive and negative feedback that you give here. Oftentimes I notice the lack of very constructive criticism on MOCs. I think that you are being fairly respectful with what you are doing, instead of taking the "this MOC is crap because it's stupid" approach the Brick Thrasher blog is taking, which doesn't seem to be doing or saying anything worthwhile.