For Those Keeping Score

Nannan writes, on the secret Builder's Lounge site, "enjoy the latest post on twee affect. I find it laughable how much these people try to have a voice when they can't achieve it through building."

Firstly, thanks for keeping with the lowercase on the ole' blog name. You are a poet, after all, so perhaps you are a fan of e. e. cummings... (the irony of a builder who resorts to poetry and storytelling when he cannot have a voice achieved solely through building accusing others of same is hopefully not lost on readers)

On topic, yet again people seem to forget how criticism works in the outside world. There is nothing out of the ordinary about people who do not make/create/direct/act in X critiquing the making/creating/directing/acting of X. Anyone who still clings to the "oh yeah? let's see you do better!" defense is, frankly, ignorant.

Now for the scorecard. twee affect has thus far blogged 48 models. 24 received predominantly positive reviews. 18 received predominantly negative reviews. 6 received neutral reviews or were not reviewed at all. So half are positive reviews, and the other half ranges from neutral to negative. Hardly an "in your face" and "distasteful" blog, as Nannan claims.

Lest we be accused of "unacceptably insulting individuals [in this case Nannan], unprovoked," we shall move on to Carter Baldwin, who writes that twee affect is "hypocritical" on account of the writers' lack of new models. The once nuclear level of production has admittedly slowed; unlike Nadroj, who writes that "LEGO is the only real joy a 17 year old has," the scribes have been distracted by college, girlfriends, boyfriends, travel, and the like. (No babies yet, sorry Peter!) Nonetheless, here is what they have built, in the last 6 months:

Nannan and the esteemed authors can find some common ground, however. Also on the secret Builder's Lounge forum, he writes that Turk's copycat new blog is "worse than twee affect." Agreed.

In any case, this whole discussion is tiring. Perhaps the whines and revelations of Builder's Lounge are best kept there. Back to the regularly scheduled half praising/half bashing of models!

Editor's note: All content in quotation marks in this article appears on the secret Builder's Lounge forum. Neither author is a member there; many FBTBers died to bring us this information.


  1. well, it looks like I'm not missing much at the BL these days then. Good to know.

  2. My full post, to provide a bit of context;

    "Some of the posts on Brick Flotilla and Twee Affect I've enjoyed; they've been honest and blunt (and humorous) without being abrasive. What bothers me are the posts singling out certain builders and trashing them, in particular Kevoh's thrashing of Guy Himber.

    I do feel it's a tad hypocritical of the authors though, as by and large they don't really build much. Jaster builds some, Kevoh occasionally, and Jordan very rarely. It seems easy for them to sit back and tear down other people's creations, while not really sticking their own necks out. But whatever really, I'm probably just being a #2."

    [The '#2' was originally a link to the discussion in Lego 16+, wherein a '#2' denotes a communitytard]

  3. Well unlike Nadroj, some of us have other joys outside LEGO that keep us from constantly building. That doesn't mean we lose any sense of design or taste, however.

  4. I salute you, twee affect. I hope we see more good, grounded builders make it out of BL in one piece, but evidence of late seems to suggest that it'll be slow to come, if ever. (TWSS)

  5. Heh, there has always been lines drawn in the sand between members of the Lego fan community.

    One of the reasons that Lugnet burned out is because of a lack of moderation when flame wars broke out. One reason why no other central community discussion forum has emerged is because the sundered builders simply won't get along with each other.

    From elite snobs to infantile naivete we are a segregated community now. At least we have some choice over where to hang out and make our presence noticed.

    As for the blogs, I for one made mine simply because my meta topics are unwelcome at CSF. The beautiful thing about blogs though is that if you don't like it, you never have to be aware of what is going on, unless you simply like to cause drama.

  6. Ry,
    what a fracked up loser you've turned out to be, Chief. A Gossip whore who lives on sucking so much ass to get his mojo going! Try shoving few bricks up your ass and learn how to really build before making a sad comment like that, bitch.

  7. Frakked up: yes
    Loser: sometimes. Should have seen me in the hacky sack game at work today.
    Gossip whore: nope. Where did this come from?
    Sucking up: not often. Not sure when this happened either, though I am heavily of the "why can't we all be friends" persuasion.
    Mojo going: seems to be fine, got a second kid on the way.
    Learning how to really build: I think I do fine, thanks.
    Anonymity: awesome!

  8. My poetry is awesome and reflects entirely the nonsense and triviality of my very mocs. If they're shit, well, it makes them equal to that of my creations.

  9. Goddamnit ry why would are you so bad at lego that they gave you a job at legoland! Obviously they give the job to the guy with a huge amount of mojo!

    To anony: Get your head out of yer ass kthnxbai

  10. Annoymous Coward: Wow, dude wow.
    Ry's clearly capable of smashing you down into pulp but that doesn't mean I can't get in on the action. And everybody knows I love the action! If you're going to toss around vulgarity and insults willy nilly try to do so with a casual elegance and a vague air of superiority. Clearly your rant is a desperate plea for attention and a cry of jealously. Probably just another kiddie who asked us for viper directions. Bitch.

    Nannan - I sincerely really hope this is an actual post from you. Precious as always.

  11. you all are bitches fuck you guys!

  12. Anon, I think you are mistaken because clearly YOU are a b**ch and F**K you! You iz a Douche-face. Ry = teh 4wes0mee!!


  13. Heh... I think that last line in your post made Nannan think I was a double agent for you Kev.

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  15. Hang on... does this mean that Builders Lounge accepts bitching about other stuff in its forums but complains about bitching about BL outside (or inside) its forums? I smell the sweet, sweet smell of hypocrisy yet again. I nominate Builders Lounge for the 'Forum of Douchiness' award.

  16. Fuck yes Gambort.