creativity is.

Warning: This post is insightful/deep/eloquent/excellent/should be saved in a word document for later reference. It is a thoughtful and profound consideration of the incredible insights of nnenn. Fire up your Adobe Creative Suite, yall, its about to get creative.

Being "creative" is how you set yourself apart from other LEGO builders. But what "is" creativity? How does one do it?

creativity is bizarre colors
creativity is history/science/technology
creativity is that movie you just saw
creativity is axonometric photo-montages
creativity is wearing tight pants
creativity is gay/bi/curious/accepting
creativity is rubber bands
creativity is "the SNOT technique"
creativity brings yellows and fleshies together
creativity gets lots of "faves"
creativity pushes the limits
creativity experiments with "form"
creativity is accurate 6wide trains
creativity has a positive attitude
creativity is photographed on a white background
creativity doesn't make sense to 1960s astronauts
creativity uses beads and stickers
creativity is you
creativity is me
creativity is dots.

What is more creative? What theme/subtheme/"creative combination of 1 or more theme" should you build? Space is more creative than train or castle or town. Space has more space for dots. Dippin' Dots is the icecream of Space/Future/Tomorrow.

creativity. it is in your freezer.


  1. and here I thought the brothers twee were going soft, this makes me happy.

  2. Thank you, twee, for providing me with a witty retort.


  3. Try as he might, nnenn will ever be as pretentious or irritating ast Roy Cook.