We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.

Nick Dean just built a Bioshock model. It is straight out of the game Bioshock. It is the Hotel Imperial, from Bioshock.

The hotel includes many Bioshock-authentic details like urinals and ice sculptures.

Especially nice is the lower level street, with bellhops and a luggage cart, just like in Bioshock.

Also of note, Nick's lighting and photography, which replicated the atmosphere and mood of Bioshock.



  1. Brilliant post about a brilliant Bioshock MOC. The way you wrote it even reflects the style of speech of the people in Bioshock.

  2. Bioshock bioshock bioshock bioshock, bioshock bioshock bioshock.

  3. Bioshock is fun to say.

    It is however not fun to play

  4. While I won't deny reading this before writing the article that thought was also my own. From the first images of the car I figured that Nick was making a Bioshock MOC. It wasn't until I read the tags that I found out it wasn't and it wasn't until his denial on TBB that I found out he was claiming no influence.

  5. My intention was not to dupe anyone, merely to poke a little fun at A. all the folks who kept asking if it was Bioshock during the WIP stage, and B. Nick's insistence that there was no influence (because underwater retro society of richies escaping the toils of the surface world = bioshock (according to the wikipedia description, at least))

    However, I did hope that if the Hotel was blogged elsewhere, it would be described as a Bioshock model, regardless of whether they were referencing this post or came to the conclusion on their own.

  6. I wasn't aware of the blanket denial but did figure there was something going on given this post.

    NB. I hope someone picked up the ironic meta-humour in my above post.

  7. P.S. there are no cars in bioshock, tim.