Crumbs and Carrots, 4 days!!

If you feel like an inmate 4 days away from execution, you must be experiencing the pre-con rush; Brickcon is next weekend, and so many dreams are being crushed by the twin terrors of Time and Running-Out-of-Pieces. Who will finish? What will be abandoned? The stress is unbearable.

Meanwhile, look at this thing Alex Eyler made:

Now get off the computer and get back to building like mad! The toiling must never cease!


  1. *Eylar

    And the rush is indeed on. I love it. Promises are made, but not all can be kept! Who do you choose to befriend, and who do you leave lying in the ditch?

  2. I made no promises (that I can recall) this year, to avoid disapointment. Turns out it was a good call.

  3. I didn't come here to make friends!