Gay Pride, White Entitlement

I hate pride parades. They're big gay minstrel shows, only serving to reinforce the worst stereotypes of gay people among the greater public. And given that the civil rights of us gays are put up to popular vote in the US, it just seems like bad strategy as well.

Why do gays put it on year after year? Because it's a big party with lots of shirtless men, or because it's a big "fuck you" to the "breeders", or because they've always done it? I'm not sure. Though since minority gays tend to be less willing to come out of the closet, become a double minority (or triple, given that being a woman is unfortunately still a minority status), and risk losing their family and friends in addition to dealing with racism, the LGBT community has always been predominantly white.

And white people, of course, have the overwhelming sense that they deserve things and don't have to work for them. To compare: the black civil rights movement of the 60's was a long, hard, bitter struggle, and today the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign only seems to exist to throw cocktail parties. White gays, perhaps imagining they still enjoy white privilege, seem to think that equal rights are just going to fall in their laps, whether it's when Barney Frank scores them in Congress or when the balance of public opinion finally tips in favor of equality. Less partying, more marching, gays.

Oh yeah, I was blogging about legos. Uh. Lino's thing looks like a moonbase module; i.e. "let's grab all the parts we never use and make a crappy throwaway MOC with them, so we can score points for 'participating' in a group build, even though it will make the display look like crap". Good job bro.

And let's read some of the flickr comments:

"gay monkey? Well, he is rather fond of bananas!"


  1. At least the pink tractor is a step up from the standard post-apoc faire. We want our survival to be fabulous, dammit!

  2. Man, discussing Lego and gayness inevitably brought me back to that zand3r fuckwit:

    I like pride parades though.

  3. Yeah, it's official. Zombie Apoc is the worst thing ever.

  4. I always took pride parading as a direct way of saying, "We don't care what your moral sensitivities are, we're gonna get IN YOUR FACE!"

    But maybe that's just my poor white trash breeder blood talking.

    Not that I care, I'm too busy hitting on this big yellow smiley down here at the right-hand corner. I am gonna totally get some of that.