Unsung Heroes

This is the story of the models that get passed over. The stoic models, that silently sit there as the zeitgeist passes by, busily buzzing about elitist forums/"d-bag" blogs/bad models/castles/old news. These are the models less blogged.

On the left, a traditional Danish house from the 1910s, by Esbenkolind. Note the fascia at the eaves, and by golly, it even has an interior! On the right, Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, by ie10421. A proper discussion of the architectural complexities, let alone their corresponding LEGO ones, would be tiring and inscrutable to all but a select few, so dear readers, you are spared.

Over in the elitist snobby exclusive age-restricted LEGO 16+ flickr group (composed of those too impatient to deal with the youngsters in LEGO proper, and those that simply wish to bitch about the kiddies) a mundane challenge is taking place. Ley Ward has made a sheet of paper and a pencil. Meanwhile, construction continues on the Burj Dubai, by Srezkall.

Finally, Reticence on flickr has finished an Eva. Impressive techniques abound; those car fender things on the arms, the bizarro visor things on the ankles, and everywhere delightful combinations of curves and angles.

Those were the models less blogged, and hopefully, it made all the difference.

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  1. Nice finds. Esben Kolind always does great stuff. And curvy stuff. And awesome stuff. Adam Reed Tucker could learn a whole lot from him.