Shameless Self Promotion!

Frightening news, dear readers! Unforeseen circumstances, dire and dangerous, have arisen! And only YOU can save the day!

twee affect's own, dashing reporter, intrepid journalist, yours truly, Kevoh, intends to go to Brickcon 2009 and has indeed already paid his registration fee, but the aforementioned dire straights have cast into doubt the entire endeavor!

And so, he is pleased to announce the opening of PLASTIC HEARTS, a Bricklink store. If he sells his entire inventory, he's sure to attend Brickcon, and pass on valuable insights, incredible scoops, and eye-raising sneak-peaks to YOU, the dear reader!

So BUY BUY BUY! Check out the amazing savings on Star Wars and Batman minifigures! The deals on dark red bricks and slopes! And MORE!

And what's this? Yes! A Grand Opening / Pre-Brickcon 10% Off Everything Sale!!!

Self-promotion this shameless only comes around once a year! Get in on it while supplies last!

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