Brickcon Pic Dump

Things that don't deserve full write-ups/their own post/more than one joke.

Just why. Zombie fighting barge, with swords and axes on the front.

The Capitol Ship Project made a strong showing.

Why was this Flinstones house directly in front of my floating rock? Also that animu figure. WTF Con!

The only good barnicles. And they didn't even win the awards.

A middle school science fair was sharing the hall with us. This one got the purple ribbon.

Someone doesn't get it. You take the sets apart, then build something new.

Currently there are no possibility of reversing.

Oh baby.


  1. that'd be one of the trophies I built, thanks for the picture.

  2. Entertaining write up, I feel like I was really there!

    Way to go, Purple Ribbon!

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention! My MOC is the Bionicle Puffin with the club... I couldn't attend the con so I sent it to my friend and he brought it for me. =)

    That pile of sets is kind of freaky.

  4. Dover, I absolutely love your trophy, but the Most Gears award made me cringe. I mean... really?

  5. i bet it did have the most gears and i really like that it won without being "technic", but i wondered if they actually worked.

  6. I thought that was a hilarious award. I don't think the gears did work, all spinning in different directions meant they were all locked up, but does it matter? The trophy was for most technic gears, not "most working technic gears" ;)

  7. I don't mind the model, just the existence of an award based on size. However, the gears were aligned in a square grid, so as long as the attachments didn't lock it up (unlikely) it would have been able to run.